Off Page SEO is the opposite of On Page SEO. Rather than optimizing your web pages’ content and meta tags, Off Page SEO refers to all the external ways of optimizing your web pages. This mainly pertains to link building strategies more than anything else. Link building is basically where you get third-party web pages to link back to your web page. These links are known as backlinks. The idea is that if you build up a lot of backlinks to your web pages, then the Google search engine will consider your website to be popular. As a result, Google will boost the ranking of your web pages and make it easier for people to find them.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of newbies make the mistake of thinking they can just create millions of backlinks on anonymous web pages and get a higher ranking. Google cares very much about the quality of the backlinks more than they do the quantity. In other words, you need to have your backlinks on web pages which already have a lot of traffic themselves. If you put your backlinks on one million pages with no traffic, Google will realize that you’re trying to trick their system. It would be better to have your backlinks on 100 high ranking web pages rather than 1 million non-ranking web pages.

Now you’re probably wondering how you get your backlinks on these high traffic web pages if you have no control over them. Well, the most common solution is to post on popular blogging websites. You see, a blog will usually give readers the opportunity to reply to a post. The reply form allows you to enter a name, URL address, and message. Once the reply gets posted, your name becomes hyperlinked with the URL address. This can be the backlink to your website.

Alternatively, there are webmasters who sell backlinking services. This is where they will post your backlink on their web page in exchange for money. But you need to be careful with these because there is no guarantee as to how long your backlink will stay published. In addition, your backlinks need to be on web pages which have relevant content to your website’s niche. For instance, if you post a backlink on a pet blog, then make sure your website is actually about pets and not something unrelated like guns or video games.

Off Page SEO will take more time to master than On Page SEO. However, it will also get you better results if you work it correctly.