Instagram is a unique social media platform which uses more visual forms of communication than other social media platforms. Instead of just sharing text comments with your followers, Instagram focuses on letting users share pictures and videos with each other. This makes it easier to look through someone’s posting history by merely glancing at their pictures or watching their short videos.

However, Instagram is not just a social media website for individuals who want to share goofy media content of themselves with their friends and family. Like Facebook, it is also a place where businesses and advertisers can market to their target audience. In fact, users have the option to have a business profile rather than an individual profile. And if you currently have an individual profile, you have the option to switch it to a business profile. All you need to do is go to Settings and choose “Switch to Business Profile.”

The benefit of an Instagram business profile is that it lets you create ads on the platform without having to go through Facebook. As you may know, Instagram is a company owned and operated by Facebook. But if you have a business profile, you don’t need to use the Facebook advertising platform to post ads on Instagram. Also, business users can gain access to analytical tools in order to see the number of impressions they’ve received to their posts. Other information about these impressions will be revealed too, such as engagement data.

If you’ve got enough money in your advertising budget, you can go a step further in your marketing efforts by hiring an Influencer to promote your business or its products or services. Influencers are users on Instagram who have a large following of people. In exchange for money, they will make an advertising post to their followers on your behalf. This form of paid advertising on Instagram is a quick way to gain attention to your business. Just be sure to target influencers who are relevant to the niche of your business. That way, you know their followers will most likely be interested in what you’re selling.

If you want a cheaper form of advertising (since Influencers tend to charge a bundle), you can simply go with Instagram Ads instead. This is Instagram’s advertising program which lets you set your own marketing budget. If you’re just starting out and have limited money for advertising, then Instagram Ads will probably be the best option. Then, as you gain more business and traffic, you can invest your newly generated revenue into hiring an Influencer to promote your business.