Facebook is a popular social media platform that is used by more than one billion people worldwide. When most people think about Facebook, they don’t think so much about the business side of it. They just assume it is a free online tool for sharing pictures and communicating with friends and family. What they don’t realize is that Facebook has their own advertising platform called Facebook Ads. This is how Facebook generates revenue for itself.

Since millions of people use Facebook every day, it is easy for the company to sell advertising space to those who are willing to pay for it. Businesses and entrepreneurs are generally the main customers of Facebook Ads. It is an effective alternative to using Google AdWords, which a lot of advertisers have turned away from due to unsatisfactory results. More people are quickly learning that Facebook Ads will give them a better return on their advertising dollars.

Facebook Ads has a similar platform, though, because it lets the advertiser target specific demographics and keyword phrases on Facebook. That way, the ads get displayed to users on Facebook who have the same demographics as the ones assigned in the ad campaign. This increases the advertiser’s chances of selling whatever product or service they have up for sale. A lot of experts are predicting that Facebook Ads will be the dominating pay-per-click advertising platform in the near future.

Facebook Ads has a lot of options for narrowing down your target audience. For instance, the location can be narrowed to the nations, cities, and communities of where you want to do business. Other demographics you can set include job title, relationship status, education, age and gender of the target audience. If you know your audience’s interests, such as things like horror movies or playing tennis, then you can add those interests to the campaign too.

One neat feature of Facebook Ads is filtering the “Behavior” of your target audience. You will be able to choose people according to their behavior of making past purchases. In addition, you can choose people who use a particular device, such as a computer or smartphone. These might seem like minuscule things to set for an ad campaign, but they can make all the difference in narrowing down your audience to a very small margin of people. If this is a group that will likely purchase from you, then why not spend all your advertising money to only show them ads?