Located a mere 15 km east of the heart of Adelaide in South Australia, Mount Lofty is the highest summit in the southern Mount Lofty Ranges. Visitors who ascend its nearly 730m height are treated to a spectacular panoramic view which includes the city of Adelaide, Adelaide Plains, and the Piccadilly Valley. Nearly 350,000 people visit Mount Lofty each year.

Adventurers wishing to experience Mount Lofty are invited use their own vehicles or public transportation from the city centre. While it’s possible to reach the summit by vehicle, the 4km walking trail from Waterfall Gully to the top is a favourite of visitors and local exercise enthusiasts alike.

Along with the breathtaking view, Mount Lofty offers access to a variety of amenities including a café restaurant, and a fully stocked gift shop containing a wide assortment of locally made treasures. Friendly, knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist travellers with planning their Mount Lofty walking path excursions or offer advice for any further adventures of South Australia.

For those who require it, Mount Lofty summit is fully equipped with accessible parking spaces and accessible washroom facilities. The Heysen trail is accessible to all and provides a stunning view from its lookout.

Please be aware that dogs are not allowed at Mount Lofty. An exception to this rule is made in the case of Assistance Dogs. Accredited Assistance Dogs, or dogs trained to assist or alleviate an owner’s disability, are permitted at the site. They must be properly restrained at all times.

Mount Lofty remains open year-round (although closed Christmas Day). We encourage all potential park visitors to check the website for the restaurant’s hours.

We hope you enjoy everything Mount Lofty has to offer!