Adelaide Gaol is one of the most popular ghost sightings in the world. Tourists love to visit this place throughout the year to have a wonderful experience exploring this historical building. Studies reveal that Adelaide Gaol was originally South Australia’s first permanent prison that was in use from the year 1841 to 1988. You will be surprised to know that this main building of this old prison is actually the oldest structure in the Southern part of Australia. It was also famous as the longest prison facilities in use in Australia.

If we look at the history, Adelaide Gaol housed the most dangerous criminals of the state for almost 147 years. This building had almost 300,000 prisoners during those gruelling years, and around 45 of them were executed within prison walls. After a few years, the building was turned out into a museum and tourist attraction. Today, people can enjoy a self-guided tour of the prison and get details about the life that prisoners used to live in this building.

This site stays open all 7 days in a week, and people can visit the inner area anytime between 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM. The last entry for these self-guided tours is closed by 3.00 PM, and the site stays closed on Christmas Day and Good Friday. If you are planning to visit South Australia, never forget to visit Adelaide Gaol. You can reach here by bus, tram and car as well. This place is well connected to most other tourist destinations in the city as well as to the main bus stops and tram stations. The entry charges are nominal, and people can also avail special discounts on group entries. You will be glad to know that this place also has many shaded picnic areas and allow wheelchair access as well.