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Our advertising agency Adelaide offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising via Google Adwords and Facebook. PPC allows you to advertise your business to your target market directly, at the exact moment they are searching for a product or service that your business provides. One of the main benefits of PPC is it can deliver traffic to your website within minutes, unlike SEO efforts which take a few months.

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Before actually starting a PPC advertising campaign whether Google Adwords or Facebook advertising, it is important to understand the process. We break down our advertising process in simple 5 steps which is show below and describes the activities involved in every step.

Account Audit

If you already have an existing Google Adwords or Facebook advertising account, we will perform a thorough audit to identify all areas of improvement such as ad grouping and structure.

Website Audit

We will do a thorough audit of your existing website for any potential issues with the website architecture, internal linking, external linking, content quality, on-page factors and overall health. If there are any indications of a Google penalty imposed on the site, we will let you know about our findings.

Competitive Intelligence

We will a conduct a market survey in which we look for your competitors and the keywords they are using and missing. Based on the data gathered, we will identify your most lucrative keywords that are being used and missed by your competitors. We focus on what people are searching for, but most importantly, we focus on what they want to buy. This information is used to create a road map for your advertising strategy. Every client has its own requirement so every marketing campaign designed by us unique and different.

Landing Page 

We will create a custom landing page which is a one-page, high converting website to get visitors to take the desired action depending on your goal – web enquiry, email opt-in, phone call or sale.

Ongoing Campaign Optimisation

We will monitor and make adjustments on a daily basis in order to getting you a profitable return on investment.


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